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Lazio had won 16 of 18 games in Serie A, with two draws before the break, and were neck and neck with Juventus, which had won the previous eight league titles. They finished the season with just 16 points in the final 12 games and finished fourth, behind Juve, Inter Milan and Atalanta. The Biancocelesti are yet to right the ship this season. They enter this derby eighth in the Serie A table through 17 games, having won just three of their last seven games.

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Afl football betting system

Australian Football League is a major professional competition in Australian football. The AFL Commission is involved in developing the rules of the game and its promotion worldwide. Multiple bookmakers take all kinds of sports bet AFL and calculate footy odds. Sports fans can test their luck at both land-based bookmaker offices and on bookmaker websites.

For your convenience, below we have listed the top popular footy betting types:. Margin — you need to predict by how much the winner will win the game 0 - 12 points, 13 - 36 points, 36 - 60 points, 61 — 72 points ;. Best player — you need to predict the player to deliver the best performance during the match;.

First Team to Score — you need to predict the team to score the first goal or point in the match;. Outcome — you need to bet on the team to win the match. Outcome bet includes regular time, with or without over time. Total — you need to guess the total number of points scored by a team or a player. If your bet wins, you are paid at the footy odd of 1. Handicap — you bet on your selected team to win with a handicap taken into account.

If your bet wins, you are paid at the odd of 1. You need to predict in which quarter the team will score the biggest number of points. For your bet to be valid, teams need to play all four quarters. The majority of those making profit on AFL betting do not consider themselves Australian football fans. Here are some reasons explaining this curious paradox:. Generally trying to pick exact margins and first goalkickers are non-profitable markets that are aimed at punters who bet for the excitement and not the money.

A very small number of punters can find an edge in these markets but for most they are Russian roulette. Generally the best bets you will make are if you get an idea on Monday and by Friday you still have the same idea. One of the more impressive acts of self-discipline you can display as a punter is to accept a loss for the week.

Having a bet on the Sunday twilight game because it gives you a chance to recover your losses is a cardinal sin. In there will be AFL matches over 23 rounds and a finals series so you can afford to be patient. If you have a disaster round with 4 losing bets then so be it.

If you get to a round where there are no games you like then so be it. The easiest way to keep a clear mind is to not get too caught up in what others say, back your own judgement and trust nobody! If anything this is a mental aid. You need to be stingier than that with your winnings. Good luck! Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

Password recovery. Recover your password. Get help. Frame your markets Before making a bet, the first thing to concentrate on is to use your judgement to come up with your own market for the match.

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An Australian Football League game is played across four 20 minutes quarters and extra time can also be added at the end of the match, much like soccer. Players are allowed to run with the ball but is required to bounce the ball every 15 meters. Players are allowed to pass the ball by either kicking the ball or by handballing it. Handballing is when a player holds the ball with one hand and punches the ball with their other hand using a closed first. When a player manages to catch the ball from a kick that has traveled a minimum of 15 meters without touching another player or the ground, it's referred to as a "mark".

When this occurs, the player that caught the ball will be given a protected area of 10 meters that can be used for a free-kick. Grabbing a "mark" in mid-air is considered one of the most vital skills when it comes to the Australian Football League.

You will notice when you bet on AFL that defenders are not allowed to tackle players while they are in the air. However, the player that is making a play for the ball can use opponents to jump off. It's also worth mentioning that defenders are allowed to tackle the player that is playing the ball but the tackle needs to be below the shoulder line and above the knees.

Players that make tackles don't have to wrap their arms around the player with the ball which means body checks and shoulder charges are allowed in the game. Players are just not allowed to push players in the back. Before you can bet on AFL, you will need to learn and understand the wide variety of betting options that will be at your disposal. Once you understand the different bet types, you'll be far more comfortable and confident to bet on AFL on either your desktop or mobile device at some of the best sportsbooks the internet has to offer.

Once you've registered an account, you can use any of the following bet types to successfully bet on AFL. Head to head betting is the same as Moneyline betting when it comes to the Australian Football League. When you place a bet on AFL with head to head, you are essentially betting on the team you predict will win the match. By looking at the line, you can tell that the Sydney Swans are considered the favorites to win the match, while the Brisbane Lions are the underdogs.

Line betting is the same as point spread or handicap betting in the Australian Football League. When you bet on AFL using line betting, you will notice that an underdog will receive points while the favorite will give away points in an attempt to even the playing field.

For instance, let's say the line has been set to If you bet on AFL at You can either wager Under if you feel that the points scored will be lower than the advertised number or you can bet Over if you believe that the points scored by both teams will be higher. For instance, the sportsbook set the total at for the match between the Sydney Swans and the Brisbane Lions. The score total at the end of the match looks like this: Brisbane Lions 5. The first number will indicate the number of goals scored, while the second number indicates the number of behinds scored.

The final number is the total points scored by each time. When you add this together, you will have a total of which is Under from what the sportsbook posted. This is vital to understand before you bet on AFL games. Margin betting is an immensely popular market when you bet on AFL because it will allow you to select how much your team will win by.

This provides far more value when you bet on AFL as opposed to the head to head betting market for the team to win the match. However, if the Sydney Swans win by more than 39 points, your bet will not be successful. Derivatives betting is basically total, line, and side bets that will occur on a quarter of half as opposed to the full match.

This is fantastic markets when you bet on AFL, especially when you are looking for early action in a match. When you use derivatives when you bet on AFL, you can also be quite profitable after doing some research into which teams tend to play better or worse during the early stages of the game.

Apart from derivatives betting, you will also come across an assortment of proposition bets when you bet on AFL. This can include player props, the number of behinds scored, the number of goals scored, the first player to score in the game, the first team to score, etc. Future betting in the Australian Football League will allow you to place bets on future results.

Futures will usually be posted before the tournaments get underway and will have some attractive odds as well to make it worth your while. Now that you know and understand that different markets you can use when you bet on AFL, it's time to look at a few tips and tricks you can incorporate with your bets to greatly increase your chances of winning.

Before you place a bet on AFL, it's highly recommended that you do your own research. You will need to dig deeper than just simply looking at the win-loss record for both teams or where the two teams are situated on the leaderboard. There are loads of other factors to consider when you do your own research, including head to head history, recent form, success on the road, success on home soil, etc. Fortunately, the Australian Football League is an immensely popular sport with tons of data online, giving you everything you need at your fingertips before you decide to make a bet on AFL.

Just like all outside sports, the weather plays a significant role when it comes to the Australian Football League and your bet on AFL. Wet conditions make it more difficult for players to pass the ball and handle the ball, while rain and wind will have a huge impact on accurately kicking the ball through the posts. If you plan to bet on AFL using margin betting or total betting, we highly recommend that you monitor the weather conditions first.

Season Pricing requires bettors to put their money and bet behind their team of choice for the entire AFL Season. Each round, AFL season pricing is updated. So, that means you will need to check back on a weekly basis for the up to date odds for the AFL.

This type of bet is pretty straightforward as well. The teams that are doing the best in their matches will have the best odds to win the AFL Grand Final. As well as, to end the season at the top of the AFL Ladder. So, now that you have learned about the AFL, you are probably excited to start betting. You will want to make sure you can participate in all kinds of AFL betting.

So, if a different type of AFL bet type becomes more advantageous for you, you will want to make sure you know how to take advantage of that. This way, you can make the most of the wagers you place on the AFL. Now, this guide to place wagers on the AFL has taught you many tips for betting. So, you will want to use all the knowledge you can to place your bets.

That way, you will be making the smartest wagering choices. But, you may still have some lingering questions. So, this Frequently Asked Questions section will help answer any questions you may still have. We do not yet know who will win in Keep up to date with your team odds and that will help you predict the winner.

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Betting on quarters​​ You can also try over/under bets on the number of points to be scored in each quarter. Again it's a difficult kind of bet to get right, but if you know that a particular AFL team historically takes a some time to get into the matches, this could be a decent bet to try. Learn about AFL Betting Strategies and improve your experience with helpful tips from our experts. Visit's betting guide now! Want to read about a banker quitting his career to be a sports betting expert? Jason's AFL strategy is pre-game match betting – no in-play betting (“it's not my.